ASEAN Journal of Cancer Epidemiology | ASEAN J Cancer Epidemiology

Khon Kaen University, in the North-East of Thailand, is a major force in cancer research, particularly in the area of epidemiology. The contribution of Dr Supannee Promthet (earlier Sriamporn) was a prime factor in this success. Building on her experience in setting up population-based cancer registration and creating a Khon Kaen cohort, over the years since 1995 she published over 95 papers in peer-reviewed Pubmed accessible journals, 15 as first author, focusing primarily on use of cancer registry data to assess incidence and mortality, survival, benefits of screening and risk factor identification for oral, stomach, colorectal, liver, breast and cervical cancers. Dr Supannee placed great emphasis on interventions to increase awareness and was very active as a supervisor of M.Sc and Ph.D students. She was prime mover in setting up the ASEAN Cancer Epidemiology Program, bringing together active scientists across South-East Asia to promote comprehensive cancer control. Her loss is a great blow to us all. Her colleagues are however determined to maintain her dream of stimulating cooperation across ASEAN countries and one result is the launching of this new journal to facilitate rapid review and publication of research into all aspects of cancer epidemiology and development of cancer control programs in the region.

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